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Our brand philosophy is to create products that feel natural and treat your skin in the most beneficial way possible. We produce premium quality, natural and organic skincare and hair care products with their own unique ingredients that are suitable for everyone. 







Combo Pack Offers

D Tan Range

Repairs damage caused by sun. Improves skin clarity and visibly fairer. Removes dirt & cleanses the face. Refreshing face by removing excessive oil. Skin lightening & pore tightening. Maintains proper pH of the skin.

Argan Range Products

Not only does it protect hair and skin from damage, it reverses damaged hair and skin. Argan oil also has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, so promotes scar tissue healing. Like other beauty oils, it aids in moisture retention and is extremely moisturizing on skin and hair

Ubtan Range Products

Ubtan aids in tan removal and dead skin cells, preventing fine lines, wrinkles, dryness and soothing sensitive skin. Ubtan product exfoliate dead skin cells and help to get rid of tanned skin which enhances your body complexion. The goodness of Ubtan comprises Turmeric and Saffron – two ingredients that are revered for offering a natural glow and removing suntan.

Bridal Range Products

It ensures that products such as Vitamin C serums reach the deeper skin layers. This technique helps rejuvenate skin, promote collagen and elastin production, improve hydration and increase skin metabolism, leaving the bride looking radiant on her special day.

Gold Range Products

Gold has inherent skin – enriching potential, as it effectively blocks UV- A & UV-B from the sun which causes severe damage to the skin. Provides glowing Skin: As we read before it helps in improving blood circulation, hence it makes the skin hydrated and maintains the moisture level of the skin.

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